Anti-Glare Lenses

Anti-glare lenses, also called anti-reflective lenses, can help you look better and see better. You can add an anti-reflective treatment to yoru eyeglass lenses that blocks reflected light, which means less squinting while driving or working at a computer. In addition to reducing external reflections on the outside of lenses, an anti-reflective treatment applied to the inside of lenses decreases internal reflections. Internal reflections can also cause lenses to appear thicker than they are. As an additional benefit, most anti-reflective treatments have a special layer that prevents spots and makes them easier to clean. You will also look better in glasses if you have anti-reflective lenses because your eyes will not be obscured by spots of reflected light ont the lens.


Did you know that as we age, we need more light to see clearly? Anti-reflective lenses are part of the answer because they allow virtually all of the avaliable light to pass through the lens and into your eye. Regular lenses lose up to 14% of the available light through reflection.


Look better and see better with AR lenses




See better with anti-reflective lenses