A few years ago, the BC Doctor’s of Optometry came up with this children’s vision fact or fiction. You can no longer find it on their website, so here it is for posterity and to test your children’s vision knowledge:

1) Children should have their first eye exam at six months.


At six months, your Doctor of Optometry is able to rule out major eye conditions that could threaten the normal development of your child’s visual system and overall health.

2) Wearing glasses will make my child’s eyes “lazy.”


In fact, during the critical years of visual development, wearing glasses actually prevents amblyopia (“lazy eye”).

3) Sitting too close to the TV will permanently damage my child’s eyes.


There is no evidence suggesting that the television emits waves that are harmful for child or adult eyes. However, sitting too close to the TV can cause headaches and eye strain, which can be uncomfortable.

4) Children under five can safely wear contact lenses.


In fact, there is no age limit for wearing contact lenses, as long as the lenses are cared for and cleaned properly. Ask your Doctor of Optometry whether contact lenses are a good option for your child.

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